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Dropshipping Romania

Dropshipping Romania Bulgaria and Hungary

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What is Dropshipping ?

The biggest advantage to dropshipping is that you don’t have to pay for stock. This makes it appealing to startups on a tight budget. You won’t have to buy a product unless it has been paid for by the customer.

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Less capital

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Low Overhead

Since you won’t need to buy inventory or manage a warehouse, dropshipping eliminates the stress of overhead costs. These costs include inventory management, warehousing, production, and shipping costs.

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Minimum Order

With dropshipping, you are not responsible for sourcing, packaging or delivery of the product. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the additional costs incurred in the whole process. You could just forward your customer’s request to a third-party supplier or import goods with a company such as AliExpress.


How it works ?

Once the service is set up in relation to TCE and its suppliers, it is somewhat simple, offering a multitude of advantages ... the most important of which is that we take over from you the entire logistics process of your store:
- you set with the supplier the orders, the products and what you contracted to send you, what you are going to sell, the products for which you have orders;
- send us the takeover order from your supplier;
-you give us the orders of your beneficiaries / clients and let us know if we have money to collect

And we will:
-take the goods from your supplier;
-we bring it to the TCE warehouses
-we prepare it for delivery (check, pack, label)
- We deliver it to your customers
-we collect the money for it according to your orders
- we transfer the money collected to you

We will invoice you separately for maximum transparency:
- the cost of taking over from the supplier;
- goods preparation services;
-delivery services.

Why dropshipping  Romania?

At a low cost, predictable and especially variable:

  • get rid of all the logistical worries of your store, search for carriers, warehouses, employees, machinery, packaging, couriers, etc.

  • you can budget an exact cost of logistics and avoid losing

  • you have a variable cost which will allow you a clear and permanent profit

  • you do not block unnecessary amounts of money, the entire logistics process being compensated from the amounts collected

  • sell - it costs you, don't sell - it doesn't cost you

  • you work with professionals who assist you on a permanent basis

  • you can focus on the diversity of your products, the growth of the store and the business.