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sales in Europe
delivery in Europe 
very easy

sell in any european country easy and cheap

the delivery of your products in Europe is easy to achieve using TCE fulfillment and delivery services
low price, flexibility and seriousness both in the operation and in the delivery of the packages

avoid complication with custom clearance for the client

variable logistic cost for your sales

6 steps for delivery in Europe safe and cheap

When you want to expand your sales in Europe or Worldwide and you want
a reasonable cost - no customs formalities - cash on delivery

you can use the ROMANIAN FULFILLMENT services offered by TCE and in 5 steps your products quickly reach the recipient.
send the products to Romania
we receive and store your goods in Bucharest Romania
sell and send orders to us
we prepare the delivery goods
we deliver it in EUROPE by courier without carrying out customs operations
we deliver it anywhere in the world through postal services without performing customs duties
we collect where possible the refund
we send it to your weekly bank account