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addressed or unaddressed delivery of leaflets, flyers, catalogue or envelopes anywhere in Romania

Unaddressed mail – mail delivery of brochures and advertising materials, unaddressed to the mailboxes of potential buyers, is and will be a cheap and successful way to sell.

We do this ussualy and with high performance !

Addressed mail -comprises of a range of different options and we are experts in ensuring you use the most cost efficient and effective method for your business.

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About Unaddressed Mail and Advertising

Many local and national organisations like to communicate information to people using unaddressed mail and door to door material delivered directly to their homes. Such items can include free newspapers, free magazines, catalogues, information leaflets, advertising brochures & money-off coupons, local directories and free product samples.

Organisations who communicate in this way include local authorities, central government, utility companies (e.g. gas, water, electricity), public service organisations, charities, political parties, local education bodies, local shops and providers of local services.

These kinds of items are delivered to most homes within a given area and do not involve the householders name and address being asked for or kept on record.

Unaddressed Mail or 'door to door' items (i.e. items that do not have individual names or addresses recorded on them) are delivered to homes by a number of different companies.

Unaddressed Direct Mail Advantage

Sales triggers
Lots of attention
Broad coverage
Climate-neutral mailing

If you would like to send out advertisements, customer magazines, direct mail (DM), flyers, free newspapers or information for households or businesses, this is the solution for you.

We help you find the right target group using different tools.

You can choose early week distribution (delivered Monday and Tuesday) or midweek (delivered Wednesday and Thursday)

Direct Mail using our Romanian Postal Services

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Addressed Mail

Mailing to a clean database reduces costs and retains your customers. We can also merge contacts who live in the same household. Our return mail service increases savings further by supplying a datafile of returned mail pieces.

Mailbox Delivery

Letterbox advertising or unaddressed mail is a great way to reach customers in specific postcode areas and it can be delivered through our network.

Unaddressed Mail can include:

Advertising Campaigns
Brochures and Catalogues
Community Specific Information/Events/Announcements
Political Mail
Unaddressed Mail can be sent in an envelope that features a message, in plastic wrap or sent unwrapped.

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Direct Mail Postal Services Romania
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Benefits of unaddressed mail for your business

Unaddressed mail – which relates to mail such as flyers, brochures, catalogs or envelopes that do not include an address – can be a valuable marketing tool for many businesses.

And with 67% of Romanian reporting that they read catalogs to discover new products, 44% to save money, 46% to find inspiration for gift ideas, and 62% to keep up to date on products and prices. (RWCD Analyze), you could be missing out on huge potential customer markets if you do not consider this service.  

So, what is unaddressed mail ?

A promotion channel is cheaper, more efficient and more productive than adwords or web promotion
How much do you pay per click for your advertisement to be reached? We assure you that more than 80% of recipients will see and understand your advertisement from flyers, catalogs or the presentation sent by us to their door or mailbox.

What is unaddressed mail in Romania ?
Well, have you ever received a real estate flyer or KAUFLAND , JYSK CATALOGUE in your mail? If you have a mailbox then the answer is most probably yes. These mail pieces have found their way to you using the most cost-efficient and far-reaching mail service – Unaddressed Mail.

Sometimes also referred to as letterbox advertising or letterbox droppers, undressed mail, is delivered through the our network.

You can target localities or postcodes, businesses, or residential addresses.

Unaddressed Mail can include:

Adver tising Campaigns
Samples and coupons
Flyers, Brochures and Catalogues
Community Specific Information/Events/Announcements
Political Mail
Unaddressed Mail can be sent in an envelope that features a message, in plastic wrap, or sent unwrapped.

Benefits of unaddressed mail for your business
This form of communication is low cost and can reach a broad range of customers.

6 key benefits you your business for unaddressed mail include:

1. It can be sent as regular or priority

Depending on the type of campaign you are sending, you can choose the type of delivery, meaning if something is urgent or time-sensitive you can opt for a priority service, or if you’re organised and have the time, save costs by sending via the regular service.

2. Helps with your SEO and website traffic

Unaddressed mail is a fantastic way to reach your audience, a percentage of whom will then jump on your website and social media to see more about your products or services.

This means that people have the chance to peruse your products and services at their leisure, and you are adding to the brand experience.

3. Improves brand trust and loyalty

Research shows that customers trust the information in unaddressed mail, and this follows through to inline purchasing. In fact, data tells us that  74% of consumers go online and make a purchase from reading direct mail. (Accenture, 2020).

4. Educates your current customers

Even if your current customers are receiving your undressed mail, this is a great way to inform them about your special promotions, or new product updates.

Yes, you might be sending e-newsletters too, but a lot of email gets lost in junk folders, and not everyone sees your social media updates thanks to crazy algorithms! So, with unaddressed mail you can provide interesting information, answers to frequently asked questions and help customers feel informed and up to date.

5. You can market to new customers that you don’t have the contact details of

Because unaddressed mail is the lowest cost mail service and can reach up to 8.9 million households and business delivery points throughout Romania using this service will allow your business to reach many new potential customers even if you do not have their contact details.

6. It’s a cost effective and affordable marketing strategy

Thanks to bulk posting and targeted distribution, you can get a good return on your investment. Prices will vary depending on the size, weight, and volume of the mailout.


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Today we deliver in worldwide through the postal service both for online stores from  Romania or anywhere in the world, as well as for businesses in the banking area (cards, information) or in the advertising field.



Delivery of parcel envelopes containing goods or cards anywhere in Romania through the private national postal network, at an excellent price starting with 1.5 eur / delivery depending on the volume. Delivery to the customer's address or mailbox.


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