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even if BREXIT has created a general confusion in the distribution logistics systems, we come to you with a solution of maximum efficiency, safety and promptness: move your stock to TCE Romania warehouses and deliver from here anywhere in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland and Greece in maximum safety.


You now have an online store in the UK or any other European country and sell directly or through Amazon's fulfillment services.
Of course, BREXIT creates an unpleasant situation for you and your customers because:
- the goods you send from now on to the Balkan countries will be subject to customs clearance operations .... how many of the customers do you think will be interested in buying cnad are forced to go to a customs counter for formalities
- delivery services will no longer be at the customer's door (customs formalities in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary oblige the consignee to go to the customs office with the original identity documents)
-the cost of your products is higher (even if you sell at the same price, your customer pays more !!! Yes, your customer will have to pay VAT at customs - in Romania 19%, in Hungary 27% which is added to the price purchase from your site)

Seeing the above ... how do you think the ecommerce market in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece will present itself for you?


how it works

TCE is a one-stop-shop that stores, packs and delivers goods all over the world.

TCE provides short term and long term warehousing. However, its primary focus is on supporting e-Commerce orders.

TCE warehouse service offers you:

  • online stock control (WMS)

  • pick & pack

  • product labeling

  • custom packaging

  • custom Packing Slips

  • grouping / ungrouping

  • inventory stock

  • return order management

A very easy and simple to use platform with integrated warehouses allows clients to control stock online no matter where the stock is stored. We strive to offer only the best EU courier services and warehouse fulfillment solutions for the best available rates on the market. 

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