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sending products as well as selling them from China or any other country to Europe is becoming more and more difficult starting with July 1, 2021. The physical registration, the payment of VAT by the recipient forces the recipients, so the customers, to think better before order cheap products from outside the European Union.

TCE through its partners can help you transport, release from customs and deliver your products from Worldwide to Europe

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Ship to Romania
Sell to Romania
Deliver to Romania

If until now buying products from China was a real advantage for the Romanian customer both because of the cheap transport and because of the low selling price for good quality products, starting with July 1, it is not so simple.
  The customer who buys from ALIEXPRESS or another online store outside the EU will have to:
-present at a customs office with the identity document to make customs for the products purchased even if they cost less than 1 dollar

-to pay VAT for each product
- to pay customs duties
Beyond the discomfort created, the very long waiting time, complicated formalities, the cost of the products can increase by up to 100%.

But that doesn't mean that a Chinese seller can no longer sell in Romania !!!

The TCE solution saves both the Chinese seller but especially the buyer from Romania, offering the legal solution of selling the products and avoiding complicated formalities in Romania or another country in Europe.

Ask TCE for solution - shipping, custom clearance, delivery in Europe

advantages- ship to romania

  • delivery from outside EUROPE  to the recipient in Romania fast

  • delivery with Cash On Delivery 

  • delivery in the client's hand, at his home

  • low delivery rates

  • simple formalities without hassle

  • keeping the low price of the products

  • regular shipping with a short transit time

  • fast release from customs

  • fiscal and legislative support in Romania

  • back transfer collected quickly in the bank account of the seller

happy romanian fulfillment

how it works
ship to romania

TCE offer a complet solution to:

ship to Romania
ship to Europe
custom clearance
deliver to final customer in Romania and Europe for B2C and B2B

1. send to Romania using the services of our partner from China who will take care of the consolidated air transport of your products
2. we release consolidated goods from customs in Romania
3. prepare the delivery goods to the final customer from Romania or any other European country
4. we deliver the goods with CASH N DELIVERY or without refund to your clients, at home or at their office
5. we quickly transfer the amounts collected to your bank account

happy romanian fulfillment

how it works
ship to europe

from ROMANIA we can ship everywhere in EUROPE on low prices 


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