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POSTAL  DELIVERY  for small items and envelope domestic Romania or Worldwide

postal comfortable delivery service

delivery door to door without presenting to postal offices

secure delivery service

we use best of the best in postal delivery

cheap delivery service

rates with more than 60% cheaper than courier services

best choice delivery service

online store, lawyer or carrier - you are sure that what you send reaches its destination

who use our postal services

delivery for transport companies

for sending invoive, CMR, and all range of original transportation documents

delivery for online shops

for delivery worldwide of small items pre-paid

delivery for banks and financial services

delivery of bank cards, notices or other financial documents

delivery for lawyers and legal services

to send contracts or other original documents

rates for postal services domestic and international

if the transit time is not a priority but the price is, tce international postal service in your choice


str, Drumul Săbăreni 26, București 060647, Romania

+40 31 434 4228

+40 72 365 4111

International and Domestic Postal Delivery

small parcel delivery worldwide with postal services

TCE through its national (PINK POST) and international (POST NL) partnerships can now provide you with the cheapest and most efficient solution for transporting small envelopes and packages to any destination in the world.


By using postal services, even if the delivery time is longer, you get an excellent price and complete coverage of any destination in the world.


The International Postal Service acts and serves the needs of the clients of legal entities both as a delivery service related to the fulfillment service for the goods kept in the TCE warehouses but also as a separate delivery service.

At an excellent price we deliver your goods packed in envelopes, bags or small packages of up to 2 kg, in Europe and outside Europe through a simplified postal service.

For details regarding the international postal service, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Romanian Fulfillment - Romanian Courier  - Romanian Postal Delivery

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The General Conditions of Transport are the terms under which our company operates, approved by the authority that regulates the activity of postal services in Romania - ANCOM


TCE serves the entire territory of Romania but a number of 6280 localities are operated without additional delivery fees through subcontractors.


Our company offers you a wide range of courier services, storage and fulfillment in Romania and Europe.


With more than 20 years of activity in courier and freight, the experience and history of TCE can be viewed online